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MOVING. [21 Nov 2006|12:58pm]


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[09 Jul 2006|01:43am]
(I'm a member of a lot of communities, if you do not comment I will not see that you've added me.)


+ My name is Kayla. +

+ I'm 19 and live in an extremely small town in Florida. +

+ I love going to local shows and screaming my lungs out. +

+ I'm extremely music motivated. I love every single kind of music with the exception of jazz and opera. +

+ People make me nervous. +

+ I'm a very quiet but outspoken person. +

+ I'm very sarcastic and ever take myself seriously, so other people shouldn't either. +

+ My animals are my life. I have a cat named Togo, and a kitten named Rory. +

+ I love tattoos and piercings. +

+ I have exactly eight piercings. I have my lip pierced in the middle, the right side of my nose, and three holes in each ear. One of the three holes in my ears are gauged to zeros. +

+ I've done all my own piercings with the exception of my very first hole in both ears, and my lip. I've also done piercings for other people. +

+ I'm a tomboy. I love climbing things and watching wrestling. +

+ I don't believe in hurting animals for any reason. +

+ I'm very opinionated and I tend to offend people. +

+It takes me a long time to warm up to people. +


+ Singing at the top of my lungs.
+ Listening to music all hours of the night.
+ Day dreaming. I live in my head.
+ Spending time with my sister.
+ Going to local shows with friends.
+ Making Out.
+ Piercings and tattoos.
+ Guys who aren't afraid to wear eyeliner and girl's pants.
+ Low expectations.
+ Pirates.
+ Playing video games all hours of the night.
+ Getting shitfaced.
+ Sarcasm.


+ Racist people.
+ Homophobes.
+ Sexists.
+ Anime.
+ People who brand me.
+ Liars, cheats, fakes.
+ Having my heart broke.
+ Having insomnia.
+ Being lonely.
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